Angel Adoption instructions

Thank you for choosing to sponsor an Angel for our Angel Works program.  We ask that you purchase at least one thing from the want, need and educational categories on their wish list or something similar to that item. You may also purchase any additional items you want to give to your angel.  We ask items to be turned in to the I Am Works Association’s office or make arrangements with a representative by December 5, 2018. Below are instructions on how to package the items.

  1. Wrap all items or place in a gift bag
  2. Include your angel’s name on each wrapped item
  3. Put all items in a trash bag
  4. If you get gift receipts for items that require a size, please put the gift receipt in an envelope with the angel’s name on it and place it in the trash bag
  5. Tape the Angel wish list to the trash bag

Thank you for your support of the Angel Works program to help create wonderful memories for the Christmas holiday. 

If you have any question or concerns, please feel free to contact the office and we will be able to assist you.

I Am Works Association

3630 W Pioneer Pkwy, Suite 114
Pantego, TX, 76013
Phone: 888-542-1531
FAX: 888-542-1531


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