Community Rehabilitation Program (CRP)

The Services and Outreach provided lay the foundation for participants to develop and/or enhance professional and practical skills, and build workplace competencies.

In addition to supporting skills necessary for successful life transition or return into the workplace, we encourage and facilitate volunteer activities within our organization and other non-profits.

  • Life Skills
  • Resume / Interviewing
  • Outreach & Volunteering – Angel Works Program

Our goal is to connect resources and referrals between both public, private, and not for profit organizations; for individuals and their families.

Services & outreach

1 in 5 have a disability



Attitudes are important influencers affecting the employment and retention rate of people with disabilities. Jobseekers with disabilities perceive themselves as having the ability to work and support themselves.

The Community Rehabilitation Program (CRP) gives individuals with disabilities the opportunity to work within their community.

  • Certified partner with Texas Industries for theBlind and Handicapped (TIBH)

  • Offering commercial janitorial and lawn maintenance services

Turning social issues into business opportunities; hiring a qualified person with a disability brings greater benefits beyond just filling a job.

  • Employees with disabilities bring unique experiences that transform a workplace
  • A large number of Americans say they prefer to patronize businesses that hire people with disabilities.Type your paragraph here.