Doug Perrin
Serves as a supporting sound-baord, advisor and legal counsel.

recent programs

Our Angel Works outreach program recently got the attention of Joyce & Olivia's Petitie Fete  Event Center. Learn more about this sponsorship.

mission & vision

To aid individuals in achieving independence and improvement through work and service.



Satoya Williams 
An influential Fort Worth leader and community activist connecting us to Fort Worth and surrounding cities.

Tamiyah Fletcher
Information Technology consultant, helps us build a strong back office.

Our founder

our leadership team

Not everyone realizes that they can be successful.  I want to help people see the possibilities from the effort and work that they put in can be endless.  There is no limit to what one can do. That's why I strongly believe that all works matter...

Rev. Manual Henderson
Spiritual advisor and connection to the communities we serve.

we can:volunteering

There are plenty of opportunities to assist us in making our programs a success. Volunteers make the difference. Find out how to become a partner.